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People don’t listen, they just wait for their turn to talk. Chuck Palahniuk (via verzinsels)

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Anonymous said: Black Green Blue Purple Teal RAINBOW:)


BLACK = I would date you.
GREEN = I think you’re cute.
BLUE = You are my tumblr crush.
PURPLE = I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
TEAL = We have a lot in common.

thats nice to know :)   



july 28th 6:51am

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I’ve been fucking replaced


gosh fuck

queue summer doing shit ;)

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Look, just fucking listening to me for one moment. The boy you love, the one who would do anything for, the one who was there no one one was, the one who looks at you like some sort of goddess? Yeah me. Anthony. how are you going to do this? Look, this isn’t the fucking end. Me and you, we click. We click so well people are jealous. I promise you this is worth it, love. I can’t lose my best friend, my idol, my damn hero. I can’t, i’m fighting for what I want, and you should too.
These past weeks, hell. Absolute hell. Throwing up blood? I did, I have no idea where it came from. The heartaches? This isn’t us being not able to let go, this is a sign, and god fucking dammit girl YOU need to realize this. i’m chasing you down, let me have you already. You know hate me like this, you know you’re the only one who can stop it.
Look, I know this growing up shit it tough. Everyone has to do it. Getting a job, finding real friends, school, careers. It’s a big step, 18. We’re 18. I knew this was all gonna happen. Trust me, I know you’re confused, upset, thinking we don’t click but listen, JUST LISTEN. You can have all the space you want, that’s fine. One thing though: We be here for each other, no matter what. Fuck we pinky promised; I don’t care how old you are, you don’t break those.
I’m going to speak the truth, I’m going to lay down some hardcore facts. WE don’t need this to end, alright? You know how much we’ve been through, and dammit I will not let you get rid of me, and I’m not getting rid of you. You may be the biggest bitch, you might make me cry, you might break my heart 10 times, but you know what? We’re each others. 
These fights? It’s growing up, It’s not us. You’re stressed, I’m stressed, It’s normal. You listen here, “girl”. No one will love you like me, no one will care for you more, no one will ever make me try this hard for someone who’s put me through hell and back. Wondering what to do? You embrace it.
You embrace me, that’s right. Take me in, with everything. You know damn straight I’ll be there, right by your side. You know I’m gonna protect you. You love me so much, I know you wouldn’t do anything intentionally to hurt me. Gosh, I know you’re fucking scared but you gotta speak up you have to fight for what you want for. I know you’re reading this, and even though you may not wanna admit It, I knew you read this. You might not text me, or anything for awhile. But, one thing you’ll do? Miss me. That’s okay, because I miss your groovy self too!
Look, this post. This post is made for you to realize what you got here. I’m not cocky, I’m not full of myself and you know me well enough to know. You got a guy, who would do anything for you. Honesty, he would go through hell and back for you. 
Don’t you forget it, don’t you question it. I came into your life for a reason. I made these high school years the best we’ve had, we both share them. Gosh, you’re stubborn as fuck but that’s what I love about you. Come around, babe. I may piss you off and all, but who does it better? Not anyone we know, lol.
Take your time, honestly. Think about it, but what I say is the truth. This shits real, this bond doesn’t happen to anyone as much. We’re like movie status.
So, don’t fuck with my head and play games. You love me? You show me, be here like I have been for you. Impress me, make me laugh, make me fall more in love with you. I know I can do all those things for you, beautiful. Don’t hesitate to call or text, or ask for a ride in the middle of night even if it’s 50 miles away. I’m there, I’m so there.
Return the favor, make me your boy again. You won’t regret it, you stubborn little bull. You fucking Aries creating all this hot air, ah SAM, you’re fucking cute.

how to lose your girlfriend/best friend and life all in one ft Anthony